Winn's Shadow of the Night

Shadow is a very handsome young man. He has a nice thick build and amazing eyes.  He is a very loyal. All of these great qualities come out in his puppies.
This page was last updated: May 21, 2020
Gracee is our charcoal girl. She has several champions in her bloodlines. She has a nice show type coat and a great head with green eyes. 
Rolling Thunder Cloud

Thunder is a well built male with a great American conformation. He has a very outgoing personality, and a natural love for swimming. 

Charz Gracee Anne
She is a nice girl, well built and very loyal. She has very pretty eyes and she loves to play.
Silver Taffi
Queen Mistic
Missy is a very outgoing girl. Has a great personallity and wants all of your attention.
My Yeller Dog
Yeller is a very happy girl and eager to please. She comes from a family that has been on Duck hunters tv.
Tyree's Comanche Princess Fortula
Comanche wants to be loved and the center of attention. She has very pretty eyes.

This is a little girl is very outgoing. She is very obidient and has a great personality. 
Angel Love III